DevOps is all about speed, functionality and innovation

We help you to have more frequent deploys that would speeds up the whole process of development.

We would develop tools to stretch the time to recovery and keep it to a minimum

We also find and submit defects before they get to production saves customer’s money

  • Dev stage
    Dev Stage is the stage of writing code for an application. While passing this stage, the code goes between a developer and Source Code Management (SCM) until it is Approved of by all related participants of the process. Afterward, the Approved code goes to the stage of Continuous Integration

  • Code cloning
    From source code management (SCM) a developer clones to his working station an exemplar from a repository with an application source code (git-clone) or pulls fresh changes from a repository (git-pull)

  • Code correction
    A developer sends back to source code management (SCM) a corrected and (or) improved application source code (git push)

  • Pull Request
    After putting new sections of code, a developer creates a Pull Request for follow-on revision (confirmation) of new changes. The changes are reviewed by a team of specialists, each team member approves the changes. If the source code doesn’t pass Review, this code should be improved. The development process returns to the Stage 1

  • Code approval
    When the stage of code-review is passed successfully, and a Pull Request gets enough approvals (i.e. is Approved), the source code goes to the stage of Continuous Integration (CI)

  • Continuous integration stage
    CI is the stage within which the participation in the process of integrating a program into infrastructure by both development (dev) and operations (ops) teams are minimized by means of automation. Several tasks on a building can be given at this stage at once, thus different projects or different branches of one project can be built simultaneously

Our automated testing integration processes would find out mistakes within the dev stage before the code is sent to a repository saving time and costs to fix bugs
Outsource DevOps to save time on finding and fixing bugs, as well as finding a new person to join a project. What is more, with our services, quality code is easier to maintain, thus a technical debt is reduced.
A manager can observe the project’s degree of readiness, QA specialists don’t need to re-deploy a version before testing. DevOps outsourcing will help you save time for deploying production versions and time for releasing new versions.

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